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The Dickinson Family Association is an organization of and for the descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson.  Our goal is to promote an understanding and appreciation of our common heritage.  We do this by building and maintaining an accurate genealogy, by keeping members informed through periodic newsletters, and with our annual reunions.  The organization also sponsors a college scholarship presented each year to a deserving descendent of Nathaniel Dickinson.



            Nathaniel Dickinson was baptized at Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England on 3 May 1601.  He was married there on 27 November 1623 to Anna Gull.  By 1637 they were in their first permanent residence in New England, in Wethersfield, Connecticut.  Later they removed to Hadley, Massachusetts and lived there the remainder of their lives.  Their relationship to other Dickinson families who have descended from Philemon, Thomas, John and James, has never been proven.

            More information about Nathaniel can be found in our genealogy book.  It should be noted, however, that the English ancestry in the 2nd edition is in error.  It has been revised in the new 3rd edition based on the research by Clifford Stott as reported in New England Historical and Genealogical Register, volume 152, p. 159 (April 1998).



            We always welcome new members.  If you wish to have your name put on the membership list, send your name, address, phone and/or email information to our membership clerk, Beth Landolina.  If you know from which of Nathaniel’s sons you are descended, mention that, and any other information you care to give about yourself.



            The major gathering for the association is the annual “reunion” usually held the 3rd or 4th Saturday of June each year.  The location varies, but is generally somewhere in the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts or Connecticut.  The day consists of a social hour, lunch, annual meeting and speaker.  Often additional special events are also included.

            The 2018 reunion was at Mt. Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA on June 23, and the 2019 reunion will be in Essex CT, on June 22.  These annual occasions are always a great way to meet your “cousins.”

            The Board meets three to four times a year and is always looking for new helpers.  Please contact any board member if you wish to offer your services.



            At the present time the organization has no dues as such.  We depend on voluntary contributions in order to meet our expenses.   If you wish to make a contribution to the organization or to our scholarship fund (please specify), send a check made out to Dickinson Family Association, to our treasurer,

 Dale Williams.



            We are always collecting family information, both current and past, for inclusion in our publications that we make available for purchase.  The 3rd edition of our genealogy made its debut at the 2006 annual reunion.  It is on our list of publications available on the book page.   Complete female lines do not appear in this or any of our print editions.  The female lines may be found on the CD, updated in 2012, also available now on flash drive.  See the book page for an order form.





     The 3rd edition of our Genealogy, The Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson, is now available for purchase.  Print out a book order form from the website and follow instructions on the form.



           Our genealogist, Becky Passa, will accept corrections to the current genealogy as well as additional information, preferably with the sources stated, for a future publication.  As always, information about Nathaniel’s descendants right up to the present time is desired, even though the surname may no longer be Dickinson.  Information may be submitted at the annual meeting or it can be mailed or emailed directly to the genealogist.  (Please be sure the information is legible, to avoid errors!)



           For several years the DFA has awarded an annual scholarship to a deserving student who is a descendant of Nathaniel Dickinson.  Information and application forms may be found on the Scholarship pages of this website.





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