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My memories of the recent reunion in Hadley are very good ones.  It was a time of greeting old friends and getting acquainted with new ones.  It was a time of learning much from our tour guides, speakers and museum visits.  It was a time of good food and warmth, both social and meteorological.  A highlight of the reunion was “Bucky” Bock’s news that the long-awaited next edition of our genealogy is complete and ready to be published.   And two of our outstanding young people were recognized with college scholarships.  Many thanks to all those who worked so hard to make the reunion happen and to those whose attendance made it a success.

Several changes took place at the Annual Meeting.  The revised and up-dated Bylaws of the Association were approved.  Bob Magovern left the president’s chair which he has held for many years, to assume new duties as historian.  Mary & Roger Zimmerman became co-chaplains, and two relative newcomers became vice president and president: Andrew Dickinson and myself, respectively.  Helen Folweiler Chipman’s new office is “registrar”, although she’ll fulfill much the same role as she did with the title “hostess”.

Another change is that Dale Williams has become newsletter editor in addition to his continuing role as hospitality chair.   Having edited the newsletter myself for the past two years, it seems strange for me to be writing this column and sending it off to Dale.  However, his willingness to assume this function is most appreciated.

For me it is a bit incredible, but a great honor, to be elected President of the DFA after only three years in the organization.  I was thrilled to get to know many of you at the annual meeting and I hope to increase my acquaintance with more cousins in the future.  I look forward to working with the board members, both newly elected and those who continue in their former roles.  We have a strong team to carry on the functions of the DFA and even to explore some new initiatives.  

This year we will be working hard on increasing our membership.  We are also looking into new ways to serve our members.  Be sure to read Andrew’s article about a project he is launching.  And as always we are trying to involve more of our members in the ongoing work of the DFA.  Naturally, we depend heavily on people who live in the general area where our meetings are held.  But we have been adding others to our ranks for some jobs that can be done from afar.  Please consider volunteering to help; you’ll find yourself among an enthusiastic and congenial group of people with some very exciting work ahead of us.

Alan C. Dickinson, President
















































This year’s reunion is shaping up to be another outstanding one and we’re hoping that if you haven’t yet decided whether to come, you will decide favorably now.  The reunion will be June 23-24, 2006 with the meeting on Saturday at South Congregational Church in South Amherst, MA.  More information will be coming in future newsletters.





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Announcing the Dickinson Family Association Research and Lending Library. Our Vice-President, Andrew Dickinson, has been collecting books related to the Dickinsons for much of his life. Now he is starting a research and lending library for interested DFA'ers. Books will be available for display and borrowing at reunions. Rare and important books can also be photocopied for association members’ use. A good start has been made but we are always looking for contributions of town histories, family genealogies and material related to the famous and not-so-famous Dickinsons. In the future we hope to publish scholarly and creative writings of association members. Consider submitting your writings for publication in the spirit of the well-known 1884 Dickinson Reunion Book. Thank you all.

Andrew Dickinson





















       It’s out!  The Dickinson Family Association’s unique cookbook, Family Fare, is now available.  This is an attractive book with a large variety of delicious recipes submitted by you, our members.  It also includes a section on household hints and helpful facts.
       If you ordered yours at the reunion, you should have it in hand by now and hopefully have tried out some of the recipes.   If you don’t have one, why not use the order form below to order one or more of these wonderful books right now.  This would make a great Christmas present for someone!
      Send the order to:
	Sara Pinkham				A printable order form may be found on our web site:
	278 Reitman Court			www.dickinsonfamilyassociation.org
	Rochester Hills, MI 48307




















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I would like to purchase ______ copies of “Family Fare”, please!

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The price per book is $14, which includes shipping.
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      As we have done before, this newsletter is being sent by e-mail only, to those members for whom we have a current e-mail address.   If you receive this newsletter by postal mail, either we don’t have an e-mail address for you or the one we have doesn’t work.
      If you received this newsletter by postal mail and would like to add an e-mail address to our membership list, or correct an old one, we would appreciate your sending the information to our membership clerk, Beth Landolina, at BLand719@aol.com .








Newsletter editor:  Dale Williams