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†††††††††††††††††††††† A message from the President


Greetings Cousins,


I want to thank everyone who attended our Reunion at Mount Holyoke College this year. It was an

inspiring event held in a beautiful setting. It was especially nice to have our friend and Past

Genealogist Bucky (Margaret Buckridge Bock) in attendance. We were able to have our Wethersfield

Dickinson presentation which had been postponed from 2009 due to a tornado. The lecture on Emily

Dickinson's time at Mount Holyoke segways well into this coming year's Dickinson Family

Association Reunion.


The 2011 Reunion will take place Saturday, June 25th, on the grounds of the Emily Dickinson Museum

in Amherst, Massachusetts. This will be preceded by an informal dinner Friday evening, June 24th.We

are fortunate indeed to be able to hold our event at the museum. Our keynote speaker will be Jane

Wald who will speak on the many changes at the Museum among other topics. I hope everyone will

make a special effort to attend this exciting event. Watch for our future newsletters for more details as

they develop.


If Nature smiles- the Mother must

I'm sure, at many a whim

Of Her eccentric Family

Is She so much to blame?


(Emily Dickinson, poem 1085, c. 1866, first published in "Further Poems", 1929)


Andrew Dickinson, president





One of the most important functions of the Dickinson Family Association is the awarding of our annual scholarship.The deadline for applications for this yearís DFA scholarship is April 30.Anyone interested in applying should print out the form from our website and submit it with all other required material to the scholarship chair, Jean Blackmer, 61 Sever St., Worcester, MA 01609.If you donít have access to the internet, contact Jean and she will send you the form.




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