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Thank you to everyone for an exciting reunion last summer in South Hadley, MA.  I sincerely appreciate

 all the work, volunteerism, and interactive participation with Ginger Grace in effort to hold this event.

  Ginger says “thanks everyone” and intends to be available for a repeat performance at a future reunion.

 I encourage you to read Alan Dickinson’s report of the reunion on our website.  Web page link:




This fall the DFA board has been busy planning for our 2019 Reunion to be held in Essex, CT on the

former grounds of the E.E. Dickinson Witch Hazel Company headquarters, distillery and bottling plant. 

Four generations from the same Dickinson Family -- Thomas N., Edward Everett, Edward Everett Jr.

and Edward Everett 3d -- ran the company, building a complex of fine homes and offices in the village,

and employing entire families in the factory.  The product was sold internationally and witch hazel

continues to be a key ingredient in many health and beauty products today.   For more information on

E.E. Dickinson Witch Hazel Company see following website link:




The bottling plant was recently renovated as a function/wedding hall now owned and operated by Essex

Steam Train & Riverboat.  Our Saturday reunion will be held within the function hall, there will be at

least one main speaker, and we intend to conduct a walking tour on Saturday morning of the 11 acre

complex.  Essex Steam Train & Riverboat will offer rides at a discounted group rate (TBD) for Sunday

afternoon and evening.  It is directly located off of Exit 3, CT Route 9 which is a short distance from I-

95.  For directions and more info see the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat website:




Essex is a quaint historic town with a beautiful harbor and marina.  On Friday afternoon, we are

planning a walking tour of downtown Essex Village and a visit to the CT River Museum.   It is

approximately a half mile between Dickinson Lane and the museum which is located directly in Essex

harbor adjacent to E E Dickinson’s former boathouse. 


Within a short distance from Dickinson Lane, and along North Main and Prospect Streets, are buildings

associated with the witch hazel business and other Dickinson families; the former Methodist church

where Thomas Newton Dickinson was a minister; the Hills Academy History Center at 22 Prospect

Street where he attended which is now owned by Essex Historical Society; the Riverview Cemetery and

Dickinson Park.  Across the street from Dickinson Park is the former residence of E.E. Dickinson at 21

North Main Street; the Dickinson office building at 31 North Main (now home to Wells Fargo

Advisors); the adjacent Dickinson carriage house; the 1750's Samuel Lay homestead located at 17 North

 Main Street (which was the former home of the top sales executive for Dickinson Witch Hazel); and the

 old cow barn now converted to a private home just a few steps south.   See following website for a

detailed map:  www.essexhistory.org/walking-tour-of-essex/


For a preview of some buildings along the walking tour see following link on our website:


and:  http://historicbuildingsct.com/towns/essex/


The CT River Museum has a permanent exhibit on the Dickinson Witch Hazel Company and other

interesting history. For example: April 7-8, 1814 Essex was attacked by a British raid and many of the

buildings involved in the raid, including the Griswold Inn, are still in existence today.  The museum also

 offers schooner cruises along the river.  There’s much to do and see around Essex and its surrounding

communities, so you may want to consider planning a short vacation for a full experience of what the

area has to offer. 

See the following websites links for additional information:






The location of Friday’s dinner is currently Brush Mill by the Waterfall, Chester, CT, just north of Essex.

Other details will be clarified in the January Newsletter.

Look forward to seeing everyone again in 2019!




President:  Ken Dickinson





























































One of the most important functions of the Dickinson Family Association is the awarding of our annual scholarship.  The deadline for applications for this coming year’s DFA scholarship is end of April.  Anyone interested in applying should print out the form from our website and submit it with all other required material to the scholarship chair, Lisa Butler, 12 Cove St, Noank, CT 06340 or dickinsonfamilyassociation@gmail.com.  If you don’t have access to the internet, contact Lisa and she will send you the form.


For the year 2018, we had 8 fantastic applications from 8 outstanding Dickinson cousins. The Scholarship Committee selected Siena Rose Caddle and Thomas Landolina to each receive a scholarship of $1,200.






Rebecca Passa, our Dickinson Genealogist, requests your inputs on Nathaniel

Dickinson's descendants.  You may send your births, marriages and death

announcements to Becky at dickinsonassociation@gmail.com.


















We know e-mail addresses change frequently and it is easy to forget to update them.  So if you plan to change your e-mail address we would greatly appreciate your sending the new one to our membership clerk, Beth Landolina, at bethL0719@sbcglobal.net

If this newsletter was sent to an e-mail address that will soon be obsolete, please let us know.




Be Thinking


The Dickinson Family Association is doing well, but change is always imminent.  We ask that you think about volunteering to help out.  We will elaborate on this and other opportunities to help in the January newsletter, but please be thinking positively about joining our operating team.


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