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Initial plans for next year’s reunion include a return to one of our frequent reunion venues, Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA.  We are planning a very special program for that reunion, namely an appearance by the actress, Ginger Grace.  Miss Grace has performed the well-known play, “The Belle of Amherst” many times around the country.  But her passion for Emily Dickinson and her poetry have resulted in her creating an interactive program called “Inside Emily Dickinson: Her Poetry and Her Life”.  We are bringing Ginger Grace to Mt. Holyoke next year on June 23 to present this program for us. 

For information on the show, go to www.thebelleofamherst.com and click on INTERACTIVE at the top.






You may remember the series of events held in Essex, CT, in 2015-2016 commemorating the history of the E.E. Dickinson Witch Hazel Company in that town.   Some of our members worked on those events and some of us attended one of more of them.  In addition to being delightful and informative events, they sparked the idea of having a DFA reunion in Essex sometime.   It is looking like 2019 may be the year.  So far, there is a lot of interest in this but we have scarcely begun looking into it seriously.  So “stay tuned” for future news of the 149th annual reunion as plans begin to materialize.







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