The Association, when the yearly scholarship was originally authorized in 1984, established a Scholar­ship Committee with instructions for administering the scholarship funds.   The current policies are as follows:


One scholarship is to be awarded each year, in the amount of at least $1,200.  In the case of a tie, two scholarships in the amount of at least $800 will be awarded.  The funds available for scholarships will be determined each year by the Finance Committee and the exact amounts announced at the Annual Meeting.


Each scholarship is to be awarded to a descendant of Nathaniel Dickinson (1600-1676), the founding father of our Dickinson family in America.


Each scholarship is to help support full-time study in a bachelor's degree program at a college accred­ited by the appropriate regional accrediting association.


The principal decision criteria are: respectable academic performance over the last three years; broad involvement in activities and service within the applicant's school and community; references and recommendations; and evidence of the applicant’s awareness of and appreciation for their Dickinson heritage. Preference will be given to first-time applicants among equally qualified candidates.


The policies for administration and scheduling of the scholarship program are:


The application form itself is short, but it should be accompanied by the items listed in Section C. The Completed package should be submitted to:


Lisa Butler

12 Cove St.

Noank, CT 06340





Scholarship       Application Form