Family Association












Preserving the Legacy of the

E.E. Dickinson Witch Hazel Company

Essex, Connecticut


The Essex Historical Society

60th Anniversary




The Dickinson Stroll

September 13, 2015




The E.E. Dickinson Mansion

Built in 1841.  Owned by E.E. Dickinson and family from 1888-1971






Samuel Lay Homestead, 1765.  Owned by                    The Dickinson garage, 1925.  Converted

Dickinson family members from 1923-1972.              to an elegant residence in late 20th century.





Barn constructed in 1860.  Owned by Dickinsons from 1923-1984

Remodeled as a home.





Two stroll attendees,

former DFA genealogist, Margaret (Bucky) Bock and webmaster, Alan Dickinson.







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