The 153rd reunion of the Dickinson Family Association will be on June 29, 2024.  The location is the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst, MA.

It will have been nine years since we last had a reunion at the EDM, and much has taken place in that time.  An extensive restoration of the Homestead during the two pandemic years has brought the inside rooms and hallways back to their authentic 19th century appearance.  If you have toured the museum before 2020 you will be amazed at the difference.   The homestead reopened to the public in August 2022, but the Evergreens (Austin Dickinson’s house next door) has been undergoing work until just recently.  That is now finished and the Evergreens will reopen for tours in the 2024 season.

The landscape between the Homestead and Evergreens has been restored as well.  Drainage work has eliminated the muddy areas, many of the random trees were removed, a beautiful lawn installed, and the historic “path between the houses” has been recreated.

We will be working with the museum to arrange tours for our members.  Those and other details of the reunion will be announced in future web posts and newsletters, so save the date and plan to join us for what should be a wonderful event!

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