May 2022 Newsletter

Dickinson Family Association

Daniel S. Dickinson

151st Reunion – Sat. June 25, 2022 – Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

Fri. night dinner June 24, 2022 – Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

Hello Cousins,

Plans for the 2022 reunion in South Hadley, MA have been confirmed.  All events on both Friday and Saturday will be held at Mount Holyoke College’s “Willits-Hallowell Center” Morrison Room (same location as our 2018, 2013 and 2010 reunions).  We will commence at 5:00 pm on Friday, June 24th with an informal board meeting; followed by a social hour and dinner.  Saturday’s events will begin at 9am and conclude at approx. 3pm. 

See more details regarding our schedule on page 2.

General Directions:  Mount Holyoke College is located approx. 12 miles North of Springfield, MA at the intersection of MA State Route 47 and MA State Route 116. 

As a continuation from our Winter Newsletter, the following are a few interesting facts and quotes from several sources regarding Daniel S. Dickinson (our main speaker topic):

  • Daniel was encouraged to run for President of the United States during two elections, however he respectfully declined.  He was considered by Lincoln as a possible running mate in 1864.
  • Daniel only attended local schools and independently studied to become a lawyer. 
  • Prior to his political career, he taught courses in mathematics, surveying, law and justice.
  • He was a successful investor and was President of the NY and Liverpool Petroleum Company.
  • After being appointed by President Lincoln, he served as a US attorney for New York in 1865.
  • Daniel died in 1866 while working in NYC; 6,000 people attended his funeral in Binghamton.

As a politician, Dickinson was known best for his participation in Henry Clay’s “Committee of Thirteen,” which earned him commendation and respect from both the North and the South before and during the Civil War. His political views were conservative, with an emphasis on state rights and the Constitution.  Dickinson worked for compromise until the war was declared, at which point he was strictly pro-Union and sought to prevent party infighting to bring the war to a quick end. 

Excerpts from two of his speeches:

“I do not advocate the annexation of Texas merely because it is desirable as a military position, nor for its vast commercial advantages, but upon broad principles of national faith and justice.  Its people are entitled to admission they are moved by the same high impulses as ourselves and protected and controlled by the same beneficent Providence.”  (Feb 22, 1845 Speech at US Senate, Washington, DC)

“I have no new light upon the subject of this rebellion or the manner in which it should be treated.  I stand today where I stood when Sumter fell.  Determined to see my country’s flag vindicated-To see the supremacy of the Constitution established and upheld;-To see sovereign law acknowledged-To see rebellion crushed.”  (1862 War Ratification Meeting at Cooper Institute, New York)

We look forward to seeing you and learning more about Daniel S. Dickinson at our reunion in June.  Enclosed with this newsletter is a reservation card and return envelope.  Please observe the deadline of June 15th for returning this card. 


Friday, June 24

5:00 pm           Informal Board Meeting

5:30 pm           Social Hour

6:30 pm           Annual Reunion Dinner

Saturday, June 25

8:45 am            Gathering of cousins: registration, exhibits, sales & refreshments

10:45 am         Short Presentation / Intro to Daniel S. Dickinson (TBD)

11:15 am         Group Photos / Chaplain Prayer

11:45 am         Lunch

            12:45 pm         Annual meeting, Counting of Cousins, and Presentation of Gifts

1:45 pm           Main Speaker, Jim Thunder, Esq; Topic:  “Daniel S. Dickinson”

2:45 pm           Q&A Session and Concluding Ceremony ending by 3:00 pm

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