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Frary House, Deerfield, MA

A Message from the DFA Board

Hello Cousins,

            Plans for the 2021 reunion in Deerfield, MA have been confirmed.  As discussed in the July newsletter, our reunion will commence at 3pm on Friday, October 22nd with museum tours at the “Memorial Hall Museum” (8 Memorial St.) conveniently located off of Route 5, approximately 5 miles due north of Interstate Route 91 (Exit 35).  See more details regarding this tour on page 2.  The museum tour will be followed by an informal board meeting, social hour and dinner at the “Deerfield Inn” (81 Old Main St.) which is a 7 minute walking distance from the museum.  Saturday’s events will be held at the Deerfield Community Center “White Church” 16 Memorial St. (located at corner of Old Main St. and Memorial St.) commencing at 9 am on Saturday, October 23rd

We are pleased to welcome our main speaker, Eric Gradoia (Historic Deerfield’s Director of Historical Preservation), who will utilize new computer technology to provide us a 3D photo imagery (drone style) walking tour of Major David Dickinson’s house and grounds.  This private house is one of the best examples of 18th century continuous colonial style architecture in Deerfield.  Built circa 1783, it has undergone several additions and renovations over the past 200 years, however much of the original construction remains preserved.  Mr. Gradoia, who performed historical structure reports for the Emily Dickinson and Austin Dickinson Houses in Amherst, will provide an update on recent restoration efforts both in Amherst and at Historic Deerfield’s Barnard Tavern / Frary House; amongst other properties where our ancestors formerly resided.  Mr. Gradoia will also discuss Capt. Thomas Dickinson’s house, the Wilson Print Shop (where Rev. Roldophus Dickinson published several books), Deerfield Academy’s original building (which is now the Memorial Hall Museum) and the former Dickinson High School.  This presentation will also cover information on the Dickinson and other related families that resided in Deerfield Village from the late 1600’s to the late 1800’s. 

Historic Deerfield will offer a reduced rate of $12 per person on museum admission for the weekend.  Please inform the staff at the “Hall Tavern” (Visitor’s Center) that you are with the “Dickinson Reunion” event.  We encourage you to tour both the “Frary House” and “Wells-Thorn House” on Saturday, as they’re located adjacent to the White Church.  Tours will be held at 10am and 4pm.  Maximum capacity of each house tour is 10 people.  Historic Deerfield has 7 house tours total, live demonstrations and other guided walking tours, etc.  Their “Flynt Center Museum” contains many items of Dickinson family furniture, art and other household items; therefore we encourage you to view them either on Sunday or Friday morning.

Included with this newsletter is a reservation card and return envelope.  Please observe the deadline of October 9th for submitting this form.

We continue to invite any interested DFA members to contact one of the current board members and come join us at a board meeting.  Our board meeting on Oct. 22nd is a less formal one, and is always open to any DFA member who wishes to attend.

Ken Dickinson, President


Friday, October 22

3:00 pm           Memorial Hall Museum Tour

4:30 pm           Museum closed

5:00 pm           Open Informal Board Meeting

6:00 pm           Social Hour

7:00 pm           Annual Reunion Dinner

Saturday, October 23

9:00 am            Gathering of cousins: registration, exhibits, sales & refreshments

11:15 am         Counting of Cousins, Presentation of Gifts, and Group Photos

11:45 am         Lunch

12:45 pm         Annual meeting

1:30 pm           Main Speaker, Erik Gradoia, Topic:  “Dickinson Houses in Old Deerfield”

2:30 pm           Q&A Session and Concluding Ceremony ending by 3:00 pm

4:30 pm           Historic Deerfield Museum / Memorial Hall Museum closing

Memorial Hall Museum
Deerfield, MA


Museum Tours will be conducted at 3pm on Friday, October 22nd at the Memorial Hall Museum, 8 Memorial St., Deerfield, MA led by Ray Radigan (Curator), Tim Neumann (Executive Director), and other Pocumtuck Valley Museum Association (PVMA) tour guides.  Several items which have been in storage for years; have been polished off and displayed for this tour.  The Memorial Hall Museum, constructed in 1799, is the original Deerfield Academy.  All 3 floors of this historic brick building are ADA accessible.

Admission fee is $3.00 per person (paid on-site) for FRI/SAT/SUN.  Duration is approximately one hour.  Upto 3 tours will be led in groups of 12 or less, (maximum total of 36 people).  Please reserve in advance (see registration card) to ensure that we have enough guides for this very informative tour.  We look forward to your attendance on Friday.

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Newsletter editor:  Dale Williams

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